Calling all Merchants and Retailers

Now is the time to get involved with Setit Credit, the latest technological advancement in the area of Credit/Debit Card online management. Many of your customers are already beginning to enjoy the one click ease of changing cards and addresses at all of their online merchant accounts from with their home banking application. Members of participating Financial Institutions are able to keep their address and payment information up to date at merchants and retailers. These changes are made when an expired card, lost or stolen card is replaced as well as when an address change occurs. Wouldn't it be nice to know that your site was getting updated as well. Join the network today and enjoy all the benefits that Setit Credit has to offer.

Setit Credit delivers awesome opportunities

Merchants will enjoy additional exposure inside the Financial Institution Online Banking sites. Because members are incentivized to add as many merchants as possible you have an opportunity to grow your customer base. There are also opportunities to get new sign ups directly into your mobile apps. How would you like to place an ad directly in all participating Financial Institutions? or have a new customer add the Address and Payment Information directly into your mobile app. It is all possible with Setit Credit.

Like you, Setit Credit takes security very seriously. As an added security feature Setit Credit tokenizes each Credit Card before sending to you and in so doing the risk of fraud is significant reduced. Setit Credit handles all the conversions so that's less hassle for both you and your customers. A win win all the way around.

Cards that expire are automatically updated reducing the risk of losing a customer or a sale at checkout. How often does a customer abandon a shopping cart at the checkout stage. With Setit Credit all Address and Payment Information are always up to date eliminating the extra steps and time for customer to make these updates at point of sale.

Don't let customers unenroll from your service simply by letting their card expire. Expired cards can causes a disruption of service for the customer the are unaware of or effectively an opt out that you didn't authorize. With Setit Credit all Address and Payment Information are always up to date eliminating this issue altogether.

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