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Now is the time to introduce your members to Setit Credit, the latest technological advancement in the area of Credit/Debit Card online management. Your members will love the one click ease of changing cards and addresses at all of their online merchants account from with your home banking application and with just one click. Just Setit and forget it. You'll love both the increase in interchange revenue and member sanctification as well as the reduction in fraud and interchange erosion threats. Be a Rockstar and join the ever growing team of Setit Credit partners in ushering the dawn of a new era in credit and debit card online management.

Setit Credit delivers awesome features

One of the biggest threats to a Financial Institution's interchange volume is the loss of membership card use. Members are moving at an alarming rate to Direct Billers, Merchant ACH or other Financial Institutions in exchange for some perk. While you could attempt to entice members to come back through aggressive incentive based campaigns there is a perk that is often overlook in this space. Members are having an awful time dealing with cards expiring, card reissues, address changes, and an overall lack of control over what card is where. Setit Credit to the rescue. By solving this fundamental problem you kill two birds with one stone. Members will not only come back in large numbers but will also add additional merchant accounts along the way.

An increase in card use means an increase in interchange revenue. Setit Credit makes it so easy to add all of your online merchant accounts to your card that members are automatically incentivized to not only stay with your card but also add as many new merchants as possible. Nowhere else will they be able to manage all their online merchant billing address and payment information.

Like you, Setit Credit takes security very seriously. As an added feature we will tokenize each Credit Card for each vendor, send the tokenized card to the merchant, and in so doing reduce the risk of fraud. That's less hassle for both you and your members. A win win all the way around.

Market to members to maximize the credit card use at merchant sites. Setit Credit provides incredibly powerful reporting and data mining analysis reports that not only allow you to measure success and interchange gains over time but also directly market through targeted ads and banner advertisements to members who may be prime candidates for adding additional merchant accounts to your card.

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